I asked the people that I have influenced and spoken to over the past 18 months if they would answer a few questions about their life and how they feel now.

The Questions

Do you have any messages for anyone who might be considering to use me as a mentor?
What advice would you give them about me?
How has it change your life and lifestyle?
How would you describe me and the work that I do?

The Answers


Chelsea 18
Sydney, Australia

Trust and listen to the things Chintamani says and take them to heart. It has helped me become a happier person.

Chintamani helped me realise that there was a way out. When I was at my lowest I thought I had only one option and that was to end my life.

Chintamani is the most caring, kind, understanding, wise, relatable, down to earth, helpful and knowledgeable person that I have ever met.

Jamie 21
Newcastle, Australia

I guess for advice.... Know that no matter hard and dark things get, know that there is always hope. For messages for people who might want to use you as a mentor. "You've come to the right person!"

My lifestyle changes are: regular sleep, improved happiness, self worth, I feel loved, I feel wanted, my nights are less frequent. Chintamani has given my the initial steps to help me on the road to happiness.