Finding passion

When living with no passion in life, our life becomes lifeless and dim. Passion is the ultimate inspiration that leads to living life with freedom.

Steering life towards something that is more liberating is the beginning of finding your passion and inspiration, creating a life that is full of freedom and love.

Living your life full of passion, your work load is often more intense due to the compelling belief that life is a better and much richer place.  This is because the duties that we perform create the balance of love and harmony involved with purposeful production of results.

There are many changes and choices on the road of life .  Each day can bring a different shade of sunshine when dealing your passions of life.  It is this consistent effort that will bring you the joys of living passionately and with fulfilment.

I am not a successful writer yet; I work consistently and I am learning more and more each day.  However my bills still need to be paid and I still have the responsibilities of doing the laundry. Therefore living life with passion still involves the mundane routines that are in life at times.  I love this about life because it is these routines that keep me grounded in reality while living my dreams. 

The passion in my life is growing with everyday.

With all my warmth and heart


Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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