Untamed and free

When I was in my twenties I had a passion to be wild and free.

My unquenchable thirst to be defiant and to find my inner warrior was a way of me reclaiming what I thought had been taken from me. I was so determined to embrace this new sense of awe inspiring tenacity. I wanted everyone to know that I was a woman that could never be diminished or tamed. By giving my car a name that represented how I felt inside, 'Untamed and free', I felt that I had turned a new corner in my life creating a new path for me to follow.

This was a time in my life when I embraced my wild goddess of feminine energy that was emerging deep within my soul. It was a time when I did not know who I was, but I was determined to begin a journey that spoke my truth through everything that I did.

I have spent many years finding my true nature as a beautiful woman. Searching for what brings so much passion into my life.

There are times in our lives' we believe that rebelling and pushing back at life helps us to regain control.  I know deep within my heart and soul I have a passion for life. I will forge new pathways for myself to follow and gain deeper insight to what possibilities that life can unfold.

Unfortunately there were also times when my wild tenacious spirit would take me away from what I needed the most. Living in defiance of life and feeling determined never to give up or give in, there were times when I would rebel a little too much.

With age and time I have been given the benefit of hindsight and can see that being wild, untamed and free is just who I am.  Although I have never been a true rebel. I am just someone who believes that I can be the real me without the harsh judgements of others self limiting beliefs about life and who they think I am.

It is my passion for life and living and helping others that generates an immense pleasure to embrace my wild, untamed spirit and to feel free to be me.

With all my warmth and heart


Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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