The warmth of a smile


As the waves on the beach are rolling rhythmically along the shore, the sunlight smiles through the blanket of clouds that cover the sky. The palm trees are whispering their delicate song as the sea breeze gently cools my skin as I admire the sea's dance with the wind.

I am in Fiji for my first holiday out of Australia.

The beauty that exists here is both captivating and a contradiction.  The beauty that Fiji holds is not in the resorts that create the fantasy of paradise, but in the people that breathe the warmth, love and passion in their everyday life.

Staying in Fiji, I have been profoundly moved by the kindness that the Fijian people have given my husband and I. 

Travelling through the small villages and seeing the gorgeous smiles of the children in such abject poverty, made me realise that there is always love and a rich kindness in life that can inspire the heart.  "Bulla" is a greeting that is said continuously here in Fiji. It means, Life!

I am profoundly grateful for many of the events in my life and for the warmth that I have experienced during my visit to Fiji.

Thank you, "Vinaka" and "Kalougata", Blessed day.

Sometimes when you have nothing to give, the most beautiful and precious thing that you own is your smile, heart and passion for life.  Give it freely for you are the richest human being alive when you can see and believe life is full and you are one of God's creatures.

With all my warmth and heart


Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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