Let go and relax

Living life with balance and harmony creates prosperity.

I have often been an advocate of creating and maintaining balance in all aspects of life.  There have been times when I find myself stressed because I have not allowed myself the time, space and energy to let go and relax. 

Over the past few months I have been busy with writing my book as well as the marketing of my website and social media. At times it has been quite stressful and has pushed me out of my comfort zone.  However, it has been a joy to get to know people around the world. This has made me even more passionate about my mission, which is to help as many people as I can through my life story and the techniques and courses that I am developing.

If we want to transform our life it is always important that we place ourselves in a environment that embodies a sense of tranquillity.

With our phones switched on and the constant barrage of messages through Facebook, Google, Twitter and the need to be on call twenty-four hours a day, there is no opportunity for our mind, body and spirit to switch off.  This leads to a constant stream of adrenaline that pumps through our veins, which creates an unnatural state of constant tension within the body.

Bringing back the balance in life includes being able to find the time to connect with your inner sanctum while nourishing your mind, body and spirit.

This includes putting down the phone, tablet, computer or gaming console and reintroduce yourself with the life that is in front of you.

With all my warmth and heart



Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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