There have been times when I feel so overwhelmed with 'my to do list' of life.

Sometimes I wish that I could fall asleep and find the deep sense of relief that I yearn for, while 'my to do list' fades away into the distance, never to be seen again. 

But the reality is that we all have the profound need to feel productive and can acknowledge how satisfying it is to contribute to the highest good of the world around us.

When I feel overloaded with life, it is difficult for me to define the pathway which will lead to finding a sense of balance, which will transport me back to my centre. When I am not honouring my self or the environment that I live in, I discover that my world begins to unravel. The laundry begins to fill with unwashed clothes, the carpet cleaning is overlooked, the dishes from last night have not yet been put away and I have forgotten to make my bed.

A sense of fear and anxiety builds within, which begins to dominate my inner and outer experience of the world.  As this anxiety builds, it catapults me into a fear of uncertainty; not knowing where to turn and how to repair the feelings I have inside.

In the search for solutions for any problem I have discovered that there are many ways to heal through your environment.

Clearing what you feel is in your way of reaching your goals can create a great sense of balance.

When I know that I am disorganised and my emotions are scattered, my favourite thing to do is to "potter". Changing how I approach my environment and my home, means that I choose to enjoy moving my body to create a physical and aesthetic balance within my home. Our home and the environment that we live in, can represent the way we feel inside.

Clearing and cleaning our home is often seen as a chore. But, what if we see it as a way of transforming our ability to achieve different results in our life. Creating balance and warmth and with the right environment and elements, we begin to flourish in our hearts and minds.

Beginning a journey towards new beliefs and patterns in life, can begin by simply changing something seen as a chore, transforming into something more pleasurable.

For true healing to begin, a little cleaning and clearing is like emptying the negative out of your life, ready for the positive or good to come into your life.

With all my warmth and heart





Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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