Taking a moment

As I sit down on my faded aubergine lounge, in front of the newly lit fire. I can hear the fire crackle and the metal from the wood heater expand and groan as it begins to warm the room.

I take another sip of my Jasmine tea while I reminisce.  

Having a cup of tea holds a special place in my heart, creating a cascade of memories and meanings for me. 

When I am alone or with friends, there are hidden meanings within every moment that I share and drink my tea.  Drinking Jasmine tea when I am at home feels like I am allowing myself to connect to my heart on a deeper level. Allowing the light of my soul to cherish the moment that I have given to myself.

We all have something or somewhere we go to, to connect to ourselves or disconnect from stressful or unpleasant situations. 

When I first met my husband, we would sit together and he would drink his coffee and I would drink my tea. We would spend countless moments sipping our tea or coffee and talking the time away.

 I reach for a cup of tea because it is a 'timeout' from life for fifteen minutes.

I understand that no matter how much I drink it will not solve my dilemmas , if I do not challenge myself to get up after that fifteen minutes and move forward with grace, humility and strength; and get the job done.

There have been many years gone by that I chosen to have a permanent timeout - but that achieved very little.  My life got harder because I was avoiding what I needed to get done.

Sitting down and making excuses to why I had not challenged myself was a convenient load of cow fertiliser, that I told myself.

I know that it can be important to have timeout from life and put life on hold.

However, coming from a culture that promotes avoiding the harder quests in life, it is important to renegotiate with ourselves with how we can help our hearts and minds to grow stronger. Contemplating what contributes to the decline of our general wellbeing is also beneficial because we can learn from our mistakes.

Connect with yourself - be strong, live life and be brave.

Have your fifteen minute timeout, then move forward and get the job done.

with all my warmth and heart 


Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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