It is Sunday afternoon and I can hear the natural and unnatural sounds that surround my home.  The crickets and frogs that live in my garden sing their continuous orchestra that brings its own unique melody to my quiet garden. 
This is only intermittently drowned out by the catting call of the dirt bikes that echo in the distance. 
My home is my sanctuary.  This is where I find peace. Creating a place that gives me the opportunity to reflect upon life and about my life story.
I remember my first home, it was very modest in size with three small bedrooms and a small garden in the backyard.  I loved how I could hide from the world, only emerging to go to work. It was like living in my own secret garden. I treasured the quiet and the freedom to go about my daily life without interruption. 
My home would reflect my moods and my eclectic personality.  The sense of restorative peace that I attained in my home nourished my mind, body and spirit.
Although I enjoyed my sanctuary I had not realised that my sanctuary had become a cave where I had started to hide away from the world.
Hiding in my cave helped me feel safe.  I thought that if I stayed hidden I would not need to be frightened anymore.  No more boogieman experiences that would torment my fragile heart.  No more torturous experiences that would shake me to my core.
I did not know that withdrawing from life would create more pain.   I am a person that is in love with the thought of love.  I adore seeing people happy and rejoice in God's grace.
With my passionate intent to help people to live and breathe their life's purpose and highest good it would fill my heart with joy; To see people shine and embrace their true potential is both heart warming and humbling. 
Finding a deeper connection with others cannot be achieved if I stayed hidden from the world. 
My life has taught me that we need to create moments that restore balance in our lives and connect with the people and places that enrich our inner sanctum.
If a flower stays in its bud, we would never know what true beauty lies beneath.
It is finding the balance to restore and then venturing into the occasional uncomfortable situations that can help us reconnect to our heart.
Our souls need to embrace the synergy of connection, lightening the burden of the past and enlightening our heart's warm embrace.
Bringing the peace in life's garden of joy.
With all my warmth and heart

Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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