Feeling Vulnerable

It's dark outside and the temperature is a chilly ten degrees outside. As I lay in bed gently sleeping, I am woken by my husband as he gets ready to go to work.

It's 4am and as I listen to the sounds coming from the bathroom I begin to think about not seeing him for the next two days.  I wonder if he will miss me as I will miss him.

The bathroom door opens and my husband appear with his curly hair slicked back and with his paramedic uniform neatly in place. He comes towards me and cuddles me while I lay in bed. We tell each other that we love each other and that we will miss each other.

As he leaves our home, my heart sinks slightly because I worry that one day he may stop loving me.  I worry that I don't have the body that he desires anymore.

I try to put my fears aside and get some more sleep before I begin my day.

It is Saturday afternoon and I have been thinking about how certain events in life can make us feel vulnerable.  At the very core of our heart, our need to feel that we are needed and wanted is so important to our emotional wellbeing.

Feeling vulnerable can occur at any time of the day,  It's is when our thoughts tell us that we are in danger of feeling or being hurt.  The traditional school of thought is to blame the external circumstances that have triggered these emotions.  Alternatively we surrender our heart and mind to feeling worthless and our sense of self love is significantly impaired.

The antidote to our vulnerability is not to condemn or control - it is neither! The truths lies to the thoughts and feelings that give us the empowering emotions that lead us to growing with warmth in our heart and leads to loving our innate individual spirit.

For we cannot create strength from a point of weakness, but we can gain great courage that can be measured with allowing ourselves to fill our hearts with love.  Embrace the time when you feel vulnerable, for it is a clear sign that your love for yourself needs to be strengthened. A journey awaits you to enliven your spirit with a sense of discovery when you choose to live with love in your heart, body and mind..

Loving our self is not to indulge in a hedonistic or narcissistic nature.  Open to the warmth of loving who you truly are and not diminishing your potential, expanding and being the brightest you can be.

with all my warmth and heart



Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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