Challenges and Choice

When life isn't what we thought it ought to be, it is important that we recognise that when life challenges us, we have choice!

While my life hasn't always been easy, I can always say I have had the power to contribute to my healing or contribute to my demise.

We have the power and the ability to lead a life towards healing and grace. 

My 16 year old daughter is going through a terrible and horrific time, which includes depression, self-harm and feelings of suicide.  As a mother it has been the hardest thing I have ever faced and wish that she can find peace within herself sooner rather than later.

But as I stood on the edge of how she feels, I understand that it isn't always easy to be happy with what life is giving you. As another day of razors edge revelations, today was another day where I had to stand up for her to realise that she is loved and that no matter what would happen "I WILL NOT GIVE UP!"  It is with sheer grit and determination that I choose to contribute to her wellbeing and only wish for her to realise that she has the power to focus on the love that she can give herself. Or she can focus on striving and contributing to her wounds and demise.

I understand that the ache inside our soul that cannot be soothed with chocolate, or wine or love from another, or controlling your environment and every way. It is time to make peace with the past and leave it where it belongs.

Look within and contribute to the world's sense of peace while looking for your own.

with all my warmth and heart




Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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