It's your time to be happy

How often have you told yourself to wait!

Wait for the right time. Wait for Mr Right. How many times have you wasted because you thought that you weren’t allowed the very thing you thought you wanted the most?

I once was at a wedding and sat next to a gentleman, who happened to be the groom’s brother. As I sat next to him we struck a conversation about what he did for a living and what he did for fun... Our conversation turned to what his career was. He was a very pleasant and well-mannered man. He said to me that once he got his promotion and earned enough money, he would then look for a wife and after that, he would be happy! My reply was “What, you’re not going to be happy until that happens? Does that mean you’re going to miserable for the next three years because you haven’t got everything you want”? He murmured and stammered and said “No, I want to be happy now but I know that I will be happy if I get these things.”

Why are we waiting?

Why are we defining that our lives can only be happy if it looks and smells a certain way? For when I met my husband he was NOT what I thought love would look like. I always imagined my husband to be an Italian man – tall, dark and handsome, with big muscles and a little edgy. What I thought would make me happy, made me miserable, and they were all disastrous relationships’.

I got really fed up with chasing the right man. Then one day gave up on these flippant chasing of rainbows. I wanted happiness now, not latter. I wanted to white water raft along the Franklin River in Tasmania or go to Colorado and really experience it. I wanted to be untamed and free. I threw out my Feng Sui Ducks ( that represented attracting a relationship) and gave up on being and looking so desperate. I wanted to live and stop wasting the time that I had. I thought to my self “Damn, I am going to LIVE!” and I did, but because of this I met my husband being my true self and having fun along the way – correction, he found me because I was living my truth at the time!

How much time do we waste when we don’t get things our way? How frustrated do we become because life didn’t give it to us the way we thought we needed it? Currently, my workplace has a lady who cannot be happy unless she complains. So in essence she needs to complain to be happy. How many times do we need to readjust what we are doing to start believing in the divine light? The very thing created us, that gives us the potential to be blissfully happy or happy to be miserable, creating drama and mayhem to excite the senses???????

The simple truth is one step at a time, we can be happy now. Finding gratitude for what we do have is our first step to being content. I remember when I started my first gratitude journal. I was so deeply depressed that it was hard for me to look at anything with kind eyes and a soft heart.

When I had my accident and as I laying in excruciating pain and not being able to move my legs, the last thing I was thinking was to look at what I am grateful for. The only thing I wanted was for someone to hold my hand and for me to feel the gentle touch of someone else, to reassure me that I am ok. Not knowing if I would ever walk again as I was airlifted in the helicopter to the intensive care hospital 1 hour away from my home. My husband and I waited to hear any news to see if there was any permanent or major damage to my spine. All I knew, was that I couldn’t move or use my legs, we feared the worse.

As I laid in the hospital, I knew that I had a choice.

I could stay burdened with the pain or I could make a difference for myself and choose to see the good in the bad. Pumped up on painkillers, I knew I had to make a difference in my life. That wasn’t going to happen if I stayed idle in that hospital bed and give up.

So I chose to start writing.

“Things I am grateful for:

I am breathing today

I am grateful that I am alive

I am able to eat and drink

I am grateful for the smiles

I am grateful that I enjoy playing cards with my husband and the kids, and I enjoyed having fun with them.

I am grateful that my children seemed happy and loving towards each other I am so grateful

I am grateful Ian is alive. I am grateful that all my kids are alive. I am grateful all my kids are happy and were laughing today when they visited me in hospital. I am grateful that I am in hospital with well-trained doctors & physicians.

I am grateful that I can taste food. I am grateful that I can feel and touch and have the sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.

It took me 3 months to walk without pain and to live a relatively normal life. The accident did make dramatic changes to how I lived my life, and I would no longer wait for something else to make me happy. I had the power. I had the choice. I had the ability and I was going to Live! It’s time for you to see what I could not see, until life gave me a real life altering experience. Look at your life as an express way to challenge yourself to be more than you would think possible. Believe that you can be happy now and not wait for something that may or may not come. If you are happy now, then when you are living your dream it makes the experience that much more enriching.

With all my Warmth and Heart


Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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