Loving your own world, your way

When I was younger I always challenged my way of thinking. To this day, I am always bringing my thoughts into question. Wondering if I am truly being honest with myself and the world.

The first step to everything I have ever done was to accomplish a better state of awareness. I always challenged myself, no matter how difficult it has been.

When I listened to my fear and my anxiety, I broke down a lot. But when I chose to take one step at a time, I truly connected to my spirit and the power of my own heart.

There has been many times where I have overindulged my weaker version of myself. After so many years of trying to feel better than I did, I believe the best things to do is to take one step. 


Your life your way, my life my way!

As long as you live to the fullest, that’s what’s important.


Challenge yourself by allowing and believing that there are possibilities that are beyond your imagination.

Sometimes we get caught up with the belief that life has a rigid formula and there is no other choice. I let others drive my own life, being pushing and pulled into so many different directions.

This eventually drove me into a ditch of despair and depression that had no end. Sometimes, it wasn't because I needed others to believe in me but I just want to be acknowledged and told that I'm going to be OK.

I wanted or needed to be told that it's all going to work out for the better. Instead, I believed that the only reason I existed was for people to abuse me and that was my life’s purpose - or so I thought.

When did I start changing?

I still am!

When I would question my thoughts and feelings I wouldn't be satisfied with the peripheral or superficial excuses of the surface. I would dive deep, deep into my consciousness and question. The only support I had was my sheer tenacity and the strength of my spirit to never give up or give in, until I found the truth, my truth!

The journey is about finding the truth.

I wanted to step up and share my story, because I have known how hard it can get when life is painful.

But one step is all it takes to break the cycle.

Trust in yourself and begin your own journey to your own heart.

With all my warmth and heart, 

Chintamani Bird
Chintamani Bird


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